Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The budget

This project's budget breaks down into five spending areas:

The big alarming orange slice (indirect costs) is a standard charge required by the University of London to cover miscellaneous expenses it incurs - indeed, there is a large and powerful administration supporting us. The yellow slice (estates) is likewise a standard charge imposed by the University based on the number of FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents) involved in the project. It's essentially the rent we pay. This is an area where the University actually undercharges (did you know that Bloomsbury is more expensive than Chelsea?).

The blue slice (Staff) is the one that does the actual work. It's designed to provide yours truly and his staff with a competitive salary so that the project gets done enthusiastically.

The green slice is also very important. It might seem a bit high, but we needed to modernize our PCs for this project, and we need a beefy server to have the capability to host several PhilEvents-like sites. In actual fact, the server is going to cost about £6000, leaving us with pretty modest PCs. Since I need a Mac now, and they're absurdly priced in the UK, I'm actually going to have to wait for the machine to do my bidding sometimes.

The red slice is the party slice, that is, it corresponds to the amount of money the project management is expected to spend out of its pocket buying drinks around the various JISC events this money will buy train tickets to.

Spending of these funds is managed by the Project Manager with the oversight (and veto power) of everyone above him in the University's hierarchy.

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