Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Projected Timeline, Workplan & Overall Project Methodology


Our timeline for this project is summarized by this Gantt chart:


We are accustomed to a methodology similar to eXtreme Programming, with a bit less peer-programming and a bit more upfront specs. This methodology suits this project well, as it is the outcome of much reflection, probing, and design on the part of the project management, which happens to be from the academic milieu and well positioned to know the end user's needs. Initial specs will be designed covering slightly more detailed user stories than usual (a bit more like traditional use cases) and the key screens in some detail. But these specs will be discussed among the customer reps (including the product manager) in a series of on-paper demos. Then use cases / user stories will be implemented in 1-week or 2-week sprints using peer programming for the trickiest parts. The rest of our methodology is pretty much standard XP.


Management: On-going project management tasks such as keeping track of progress, organising meetings with customer reps, preparing documentation, participating in relevant JISC activities. (Project Manager [DB])

Release planning: Initial gathering of user stories, estimation of effort (Customer reps, Product Manager).

Development: Iterative development of features to fulfil the user stories (Programmers).

Dissemination: Taking care of the project's public representation; participation in relevant JISC events (Project Manager).

Community: Community synthesis project, DevCSI (Project Manager, Programmers).

Evaluation: Evaluation of the project (Project Manager, Product Manager).


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