Monday, 14 February 2011

What to expect from PhilEvents / xEvents

The academic community can expect four main benefits from this project:
  1. PhilEvents will greatly increase awareness of academic events in philosophy both in the UK and abroad, which should lead to an increase in participation and more value for money in the field.
  2. PhilEvents will enable a new level of analysis of research trends in the discipline. A better grasp of current research trends will help researchers and event organisers determine what areas of research need more (or less) attention. 
  3. By providing a suitable dissemination channel, PhilEvents will increase the creation and consumption of videocasts and podcasts of research events, which will increase the impact of research outputs. 
  4. xEvents will empower other communities to support similar services in a cost-efficient manner.
Of course, there's also something in it for the Institute of Philosophy (and, indirectly, the School of Advanced Study): this project will help the Institute fulfill its unique research facilitation and promotion mission.

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